GSGA Challenge Match Standings

The Georgia State Golf Association selects teams to represent both the state of Georgia and/or the Association for the Men's and Women's Southeastern Challenge Matches, the Billy Peters Cup Matches and the Peach-Palmetto Women's Showdown.

Players are selected and invited by representatives of the GSGA Championship Committee and Rules & Competitions Department, along with input from the team captain or another chosen representative. Selection criteria includes, but is not based solely on the two-year points standings and a number of at-large selections. Player selections are primarily determined by a point system based on performance over a two-year cycle in GSGA, USGA and select auxiliary events that make up the GSGA Player of the Year Points System. For the challenge match points standings, points from year one of the cycle are valued at 100% and points earned in the current year cycle of the challenge event are valued at 150%. The selection committee reserves the right to invite those players that will best represent Georgia and/or the GSGA at the respective matches.

Men's & Women's Southeastern Challenge Matches

Next Event:
Women's Southeastern Challenge Match
July 24-25, 2022
Lakewood Golf Club, Fairhope, Alabama

The Men's and Women's Southeastern Challenge Matches are biennial match play competitions featuring 12-player teams made up of the top 8 amateurs and top 4 seniors from Georgia, Alabama and Florida competing over two days.

*The Women's Southeastern Challenge Match team may include up to 2 players ages 18 and under.

The format is three rounds - one round of four-ball match play in the morning and one round of foursomes three-ball match play (alternate shot, 3 teams per group) in the afternoon of day one. The second day will feature 12 three-ball singles matches.

Women's Southeastern Challenge Standings
Women's Southeastern Challenge Standings (Senior)

Men's Southeastern Challenge Match Event History
Women's Southeastern Challenge Match Event History

Billy Peters Cup Matches

Next Event:
October 2-3, 2022
Glen Arven Country Club, Thomasville, GA

The Billy Peters Cup Matches, formerly known as the GSGA-GPGA Challenge Cup, changed its name in 2007 to honor Peters' contributions to the game. Peters, of Blakely, is a former president of the Georgia State Golf Association and honorary vice president of the Georgia Section PGA. He was inducted into the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame in 1993.

The competition features 16-player teams representing the GSGA and the Georgia PGA. Each team will be comprised of 12 "regular" amateurs and 4 seniors.

The format is three rounds - one round of four-ball match play in the morning and one round of foursomes (alternate shot) in the afternoon of day one. The second day will feature 16 singles matches.

Billy Peters Cup Standings
Billy Peters Cup Standings (Senior)

Billy Peters Cup Matches Event History

Peach-Palmetto Women's Showdown

Next Event:
2023 hosted in Georgia (TBA)

The Peach-Palmetto Women's Showdown was held for the first time in 2019 with Team Georgia taking home the trophy. The competition is a biennial match play event featuring 8-player teams made up of the top 4 mid-amateurs (over 21) and top 4 seniors from both Georgia and South Carolina competing over two days.

The format is Ryder Cup style match play. Day one will consist of four (4) four-ball matches in the morning followed by four (4) foursome matches in the afternoon. Day two will consist of eight (8) singles matches. Each match will be scored in the Nassau format, consisting of one (1) point for the front nine match, one (1) point for the back nine match and one (1) point for the overall match totaling three (3) possible points per match and 24 points on day one and 24 points on day two. There will be 48 overall points available during the competition. 


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