The Economic Impact of

Georgia's Golf Industry

February 2024

The State of Georgia boasts a thriving golf industry that brings $5.3B worth of total economic impact to the "Peach State". This includes $3.4B worth of direct economic activity from golf facilities and golf-related businesses. Georgia golf encompasses 362 on-course golf facilities serving nearly 680,000 in-state golfers of which 170,000 avid golfers play 25+ rounds annually.


The golf business in Georgia is multi-faceted and represents many more participating industries compared to other golf-addicted states. Facilities selling rounds of golf and memberships lead the way, while tourism, manufacturing, retail sales and major golf championships also play important roles in driving spending, tax revenues and job creation. While the last Golf Economic Impact study in Georgia was conducted approximately five years ago, the expansion of the sport, particularly during the Covid golf boom, is evident. Nearly every category has benefited from the robust growth golf has experienced, especially between 2020 and 2023. The focus of this research is to capture all golf-related economic impacts across every corner of Georgia for 2022.

The Economic Impact of Georgia's Golf Industry

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The 362 golf facilities with 6,500 holes collectively contributed $1.1 billion in direct economic output representing 35% of the state's golf economy plus another $152 million in capital expenditures invested into golf courses in 2022. Many facilities have recently undergone some level of course renovations, irrigation installations and/or clubhouse expansions. The $1.3 billion of direct output enabled employment of 15,766 workers in and around golf courses. This in turn propelled an additional indirect/induced output of $831 million for a total of $2.1 billion in total economic impact from golf facilities, 25,500 total direct/indirect jobs and state and local tax revenue of $158 million.


After Golf Facilities, Georgia's golf manufacturing sector is an economic center of excellence for golf carts, golf balls and clubs. Club Car and E-Z-GO manufacture both electric vehicles and gas-powered golf carts in Augusta, Ga., while Yamaha does so in Newnan, Ga. Bridgestone Golf, Mizuno, and U.S. Kids Golf all manufacture and/or have headquarters in Georgia. All in, golf manufacturers represent $679 million in direct impacts providing 2,938 jobs and $150 million in direct wages. Including the trickle-down effects, total manufacturing output is valued at $1.1 billion. Manufacturing jobs are extremely valuable in an economy, with higher and steady wages, benefits and skill development for the workforce.

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