Southeastern Challenge Match

The Southeastern Challenge Match is a biennial competition among male amateur golfers representing the GSGA, the Florida State Golf Association and the Alabama Golf Association. The 12-man teams consist of eight mid-amateurs and four seniors. The site rotates among the three states.

Year Champion Hometown Result Host Club Runner Up
2023 Florida FL 25.5-AL 20.5-GA 17 Banyan Golf Club, West Palm Beach, Florida
2019 Georgia GA 25.5-FL 21.5-AL 16
2017 Georgia GA 23-FL 21.5-AL 18.5
2015 Florida FL 25-GA 22.5-AL 15.5
2013 Florida FL 25-GA 24-AL 14
2010 Florida FL 25-GA 22.5-AL 15.5
2008 Georgia GA 26.5-AL 21.5-FL 15
2006 Georgia GA 32.5-FL 15.5-AL 15
2004 Georgia GA 28-AL 17.5-FL17.5
2002 Georgia GA 26.5-FL 19.5-AL 17
2000 Georgia GA 25.5-FL 24.5-AL 1
1998 Florida FL 31-GA 29-AL 24
1996 Florida
1995 Florida FL 33.5-GA 27-AL 23
1994 Florida FL 41-GA 29-AL 14
1991 Alabama
1990 Georgia
1989 Florida


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