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Each year the GSGA conducts 24 competitions that are open for statewide participation for men and women of all ages and skill levels, four interstate team competitions, a statewide junior program for boys and girls and qualifying events for all USGA national championships..

2023 Competitions Schedule

USGA Qualifiers

Though not a branch office, the GSGA serves as the arm of the USGA in Georgia. The GSGA conducts all USGA qualifying rounds in Georgia and helps administer the rules of golf through seminars and general inquiries. The GSGA is licensed to issue USGA Handicap Indexes through its Member Clubs in Georgia.

2023 USGA Qualifiers

Need to Know - Policies & Procedures

We encourage everyone to read the following documents before entering an event. The documents contain guidelines that competitors must abide by during GSGA events.

Updates Policies and Procedures (updated as of January 2023)

2023 Summary of Schedule Changes

Cart Policy

Code of Conduct

Eligibility Guidelines

Gender Policy

Pace of Play

Rules of Play

Spectator Cart Policy for Junior Championship

Terms and Conditions of Service

Players of the Year

At the conclusion of each season, the GSGA recognizes Players of the Year for Men, Women, Senior Men, Super Senior Men, Senior Women, Junior Boys and Junior Girls during a luncheon following its Annual Meeting. The Tommy Barnes Award is presented to the overall Player of the Year.

Player of the Year Standings

Tournament Clearinghouse

As a service to GSGA Member Clubs and to golfers in Georgia, the GSGA provides an online Competitions Clearinghouse. Major events at GSGA Member Clubs (invitationals, regional tournaments, etc.) for men, women, seniors, and juniors can be included in the Clearinghouse.

Tournament Clearinghouse

Host Club History

This is a compilation of all GSGA competitions on record, listed by the host club. If you know of an event/site that is not listed, please contact Jason Taylor at GSGA at (678) 324-5970 or jtaylor@gsga.org.​

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The Georgia State Golf Association (GSGA) is the governing body of golf in Georgia and serves as an Allied Golf Association to the United States Golf Association (USGA). Membership in the GSGA is open to all golfers, facilities and golf clubs throughout the state. Golfers that join the GSGA have access to invaluable resources that allow them to advance their knowledge of the game and numerous opportunities to play in both competitive and fun, casual events. By becoming a member of the GSGA, you will be joining a community that includes more than 350 clubs and 80,000 golfers who all have one thing in common: a passion for the game of golf.