GSGA Play9


May 9th - City Club Marietta
6:00 PM Shotgun Start
Register by calling (770) 528-4653

​*Full schedule will be released soon

About Play9

The USGA’s PLAY9™ program has been actively educating and rallying golfers and non-golfers alike around the concept of the nine-hole round as an important, yet simple, solution to address busy lifestyles and everyday lives. PLAY9 is critically important to the game and its health in that it promotes a time-friendly option to engage with the game. We all know that the time it takes to a complete an 18-hole round is frequently cited as a barrier to the game’s participation.

Hosting a Play9 event

There are numerous opportunities to host a GSGA PLAY9 Day. Here are some thought-starters to help organize and promote PLAY9 activities at your club.

  • After Work Nines
  • Family Four-Balls
  • Women’s Nines
  • Bring A Friend (2-for-1)

If you are interested in hosting or learning more, please contact the GSGA at 678-324-5971 or


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