Interclub Matches

Please direct questions to GSGA Director of Rules & Competitions, Jeff Fages, at 678-324-5969 or

About GSGA Interclub

Interclub Matches may seem like a big undertaking to those clubs that have never participated in a similar style competition before. Utilizing a well-organized Golf Professional, Team Captain and GSGA, the Interclub Matches can be handled quite easily.

  • Teams will consist of a minimum of 8 male players, Additional players may be added to the team at any time during the regular season.
  • Eight players will compete during the regular season in home and away Four-Ball matches against a scheduled opponent.
  • One player on the team each session may be a club golf professional or represent the club staff, i.e. assistant professional, etc.
  • Four-Ball match play points are awarded in a Nassau scoring format (F9,B9,18) totaling 3 points in a Four-Ball match and totaling 12 individual match points in each home and away regular season session. To win each home or away session, a team must total a minimum of 6.5 points.


2019 Schedule

Each match-up (session) will consist of four home matches or four away matches against that month’s scheduled opponent.

  • Entries: November 28th - February 1st
  • Regular Season Matches: April - August
  • Regular Season including make-ups completed by September 1st
  • Championship Finals: October (Site TBD)


CLUB ELIGIBILITY: Open to any current GSGA member club in good standing meeting the following criteria:

  • a. TYPE 1: Owns and/or operates at least one 18-hole golf course measuring at least 6,400 yards.
  • b. COURSE RATING: Has a current and valid USGA course rating/slope issued by the GSGA within last 10 years.
  • c. HANDICAP COMPLIANCE: Has a designated handicap committee in place as required by the GSGA membership agreement and the USGA handicap system manual.

PLAYER ELIGIBILITY: Open to male amateur golfers and golf professionals who meet the following criteria:

  • a. CLUB MEMBERSHIP: Amateur players must be full dues paying active golf members in good standing with the club and appear on the handicap roster by March 1st, 2018.
  • b. GHIN #: An amateur player must have an active GHIN number.
  • c. PROFESSIONALS: A member of the club’s professional staff who is a full time employee of the club is encouraged to participate. Touring Professionals belonging to a club, are ineligible to participate. Note: Only one professional is eligible to play per team each match session.
  • d. AGE: Players and professionals’ must be at least 21 years of age as of the date of the match in which they wish to participate.


Rules & Regulations

  • Regular Season Match Format: Four-Ball Match Play
  • Tees: Teams should play from a target yardage of 6,400-7,000 yards, but must be mutually agreed upon by both captains in the scheduled match.
  • Scoring: A total of four (4) Four-Ball Match Play matches in each home and away team match session. Each Four-Ball match is worth 3 points contested in a Nassau scoring format. The front 9 is worth 1 point, back 9 worth 1 point, and the 18-hole overall match total worth one point. Each overall team match session has a total of 12 points.
  • Handicaps for League Play Matches: The Interclub Matches are competed on a gross scoring level. Handicap allowances are not permitted.




Season Ending Championship

The Championship will be played in October 2019 at a site to be announced.

A number of pod winners and wild-card winners to be determined will advance to the state championship for a two day competition. A team may consist of any combination of players for the championship, provided they played in at least one regular season match.


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