Peach-Palmetto Women’s Showdown Event History

The Peach-Palmetto Women's Showdown began in 2019 and is biennial competition featuring eight players (four mid-amateurs, four seniors) from both Georgia and South Carolina. If not enough point earning mid-amateur players are available, a senior may play as a mid-amateur. For the purposes of this competition mid-amateur shall be defined as over 21 and not currently enrolled in college.  Team members must be residents of the states of Georgia or South Carolina, complying with the respective state’s requirements of residency and age. There will be 48 overall points available during the competition.  In the event of a tie in any match, ½ point is awarded to both sides.  The visiting team has the honor on the first tee each day of the competition.

Reynolds Lake Oconee-Preserve Course, Greensboro


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