How to Give

Many individuals, corporations, foundations, and golf organizations support the GSGA Foundation. Click read more to learn how you can help!


"It is my privilege to support the GSGA Foundation and their Yates and Moncrief Scholars."

Zygment Stubelek II
Yates Scholarship Program Alumnus
Class of 2000

Foundation Donation Programs

General Contributions
The GSGA Foundation welcomes all general contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations or golf organizations. All are acknowledged and are fully tax-deductible.

Memorial Donations
Every year more and more families select the GSGA Foundation to receive donations when a loved one dies. We acknowledges each contribution, summarize the gifts and provides a list of contributors for the family.

In-Kind Donations Individuals, corporations, and golf organizations may provide in-kind donations of merchandise prizes, trips, computer or office equipment, or services each year which the GSGA Foundation uses in conjunction with various events and projects. These donations are tax-deductible.

Special Events
Each year several organizations conduct special tournaments, promotions or contests in which the GSGA Foundation is the beneficiary of proceeds.

Wills & Estates
Over the years, many individuals who have been deeply involved in golf have chosen to give back to the game through their estate by naming the GSGA Foundation as a beneficiary in their will. Many have also set up foundations that will give to the GSGA Foundation on a regular basis.

Every year, more and more families select the GSGA Foundation to receive donations when a loved one passes away. The GSGA Foundation acknowledges each contribution, summarizes the gifts and provides a list of contributors for the family.

The GSGA Foundation can accept gifts of stock from a brokerage account and stock certificates. 

The GSGA Foundation has available a number of sponsorship programs through which corporations or individuals may sponsor key events or programs.

Matching Donations
The GSGA Foundation is eligible for many forms of company or foundation matching grants or donations and will gladly complete applications for those awards.

Please contact GSGA Foundation director Kim Crisp for additional information at or 678-324-5962.


The Georgia State Golf Association (GSGA) is the governing body of golf in Georgia and serves as an Allied Golf Association to the United States Golf Association (USGA). Membership in the GSGA is open to all golfers, facilities and golf clubs throughout the state. Golfers that join the GSGA have access to invaluable resources that allow them to advance their knowledge of the game and numerous opportunities to play in both competitive and fun, casual events. By becoming a member of the GSGA, you will be joining a community that includes more than 350 clubs and 75,000 golfers who all have one thing in common: a passion for the game of golf.