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Speedgolf USA!

The Georgia State Golf Association is excited to announce a new collaborative relationship with Speedgolf USA. This collaboration will work to introduce Speedgolf to golfers throughout Georgia via a co-branded video series covering topics such as an introduction to Speedgolf, rules & equipment, and tips for new Speedgolfers. The GSGA will also be organizing special Speedgolf play days at select facilities during Spring 2020 to allow golfers to try out and experience this fun, fast and fitness-oriented way to play golf. Dates will be posted after the first of the year.

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About Speedgolf USA

Speedgolf USA (SGUSA) is the governing body of the sport of Speedgolf in the United States of America, and a founding member of the International Speedgolf Alliance. Our mission is to develop the sport of Speedgolf at all levels – junior, amateur, and professional; to ensure fair and equitable play according to the Official Rules; and to promote wider adoption of Speedgolf at golf courses and facilities nationwide. For more information on Speedgolf USA, visit

What is Speedgolf?

Speedgolf is a faster, fitness-oriented version of the traditional game of golf. Speedgolfers keep track of their time in addition to their score, and then add them together at the conclusion of play. The player with the lowest combined score wins.

How fast do Speedgolfers play?

A Speedgolfer's pace of play is about 3-4 times faster than a traditional golfer. A common misconception is that Speedgolfers sprint from shot to shot. In reality, most Speedgolfers jog between shots at a pace they can manage for 3-5 miles. Players with modest aerobic fitness can complete 9 holes in 35-40 minutes, or 18 holes in 90 minutes or less.


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