Eight Advance At U.S. Open Local Qualifier #2

Riley Davenport (65)
Tommy Gainey (65)
Max McGreevy (66)
JT Griffin (66)
Tyler Gruca (67)
Scott Odell (68)
Deven Broadaway (68)
Matt Lehman (69) *

1st Alternate - Drew Czuchry (69)
2nd Alternate - Daniel Gale (69)

This was the second U.S. Open Local Qualifier held in Georgia with 132 players competing for eight qualifying spots. Riley Davenport of St. Simons Island and Tommy Gainey of Hartsville each posted 6-under-par 65 scores to share medalist honors and advance into sectional qualifying for the U.S. Open. Six others also advanced to sectionals out of a local qualifier at Georgia National Golf Club on Monday. Max McGreevy of Edmond and JT Griffin of Atlanta each scored a 5-under-par 66. Alpharetta's Tyler Gruca finished at 4-under-par 67. Scott Odell of Claxton and Deven Broadaway of Adairsville matched each other's score of 3-under-par 68. 

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