GSGA Member Play Days

The GSGA Member Play Day program allows members to enjoy a day on the links with their friends and fellow GSGA members! For a low entry fee of $75, enjoy a non-competitive round of golf at one of our GSGA Member Golf Clubs. Fee includes a round of golf, cart, range, closest-to-the-hole prizes and one (1) complimentary drink ticket. Take advantage of your GSGA membership to play some fantastic golf courses this year.
**CHANGES FOR 2023**

Player Field Selection: 
Player fields for Member Play Days will be determined by a random lottery the day after entries close. Similar to 2022, you can register yourself and up to three other members for the event. The player registering for the group will be responsible for the total entry fee. Players still have the option to register individually and submit a pairing request. For lottery purposes, group registrations will be considered one entry and if selected the entire group of up to four players will be confirmed.  Players registering as individuals, but wanting to be part of a group, will be treated as separate entries and the entire group being selected is not guaranteed.
Pairing Requests: Despite group registration, if playing as a group, ONE player from each group must still submit a pairing request to ensure your group is paired together.
Registration for the first few 2023 Member Play Days will open Feb. 8!
2023 Schedule
Enjoy the day with some friends and submit a pairing request! Pairings are created at the close of entries. Please only submit one pairing request per group. If you need to edit a pairing, please reach out to A pairing request DOES NOT constitute registering for an event.


The Georgia State Golf Association (GSGA) is the governing body of golf in Georgia and serves as an Allied Golf Association to the United States Golf Association (USGA). Membership in the GSGA is open to all golfers, facilities and golf clubs throughout the state. Golfers that join the GSGA have access to invaluable resources that allow them to advance their knowledge of the game and numerous opportunities to play in both competitive and fun, casual events. By becoming a member of the GSGA, you will be joining a community that includes more than 350 clubs and 80,000 golfers who all have one thing in common: a passion for the game of golf.