Committee Members

Georgia Golf Hall of Fame Committee

This committee meets periodically to oversee the GSGA's management of the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame. The purpose of this committee is to develop the criteria and make selections for each inductee class of the Hall of Fame; assist the GSGA staff with the planning, sponsorship sales and table sales of the annual induction banquet; and provide advice to the GSGA staff with respect to displays, promotions and other activities in the development of a communication plan for the Hall of Fame and its members.

Committee Members
Committee Members
Committee Members
Dave Ballard - Chair
John Companiotte
Chuck Palmer
Brian Albertson (PGA)
Wendell Couch (HOF Member)
Mike Paull (PGA)
Chris Borders (HOF Member)
Pete Cox (HOF Member)
Bryan Persons
David Boyd (HOF Member)
Mark Esoda (HOF Member)
Peter Persons (HOF Member)
Greg Burleson (GCSA)
Sissi Gann
Gregg Wolff (HOF Member)
Laura Coble (HOF Member)
Seth Knight
Danny Yates (HOF Member)
Matthew Collins (CMAA)
Gene McClure (HOF Member)
Staff Liaison: Kim Crisp


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