Drone Services

Please direct questions to GSGA Director of Rules & Competitions, Jeff Fages, at 678-324-5969 or jfages@gsga.org


  • A virutal tour can help in promoting and marketing your golf course to both prospective and current members.
  • Gives players a virtual experience to feel like they are at the golf course and instills vistors with the desire to play the course.
  • Provide an overview for competition players prior to attending the tournament.

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  • With regularly scheduled flyovers, drones can be particularly useful in easily identifying if the golf course is having persistent problems with flooding or drought.
  • Aerial photography and video is useful for identifying the potential for golf course expansion and major landscaping projects.


Standard - $500

  • The standard service includes the raw aerial drone footage and pictures that are captured. The Club is responsible for editing and production.
  • The Club will receive the raw video and pictures.


Premium - $1500

  • The premium service includes edited aerial drone footage and pictures to fulfill the specific needs and requests of the member club.
  • The Club will receive video footage of each hole, indiviual hole descriptions/yardages and club logo overlay.


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