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2014 Billy Peters Cup

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Oct 19, 2014





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GSGA Falls at Billy Peters Cup Matches, 15-17

EVANS, Ga. – The GSGA fell to the Georgia PGA professionals in the Billy Peters Cup Matches, 17-15. In an effort to win the competition for the first time since 2009, the GSGA finished day one tied, 8-8, but a day of singles matches saw the team of professionals prevail. The 40th playing of the biennial event took place at Champions Retreat Golf Club, October 19-20.

On the day, which began with an hour and a half delay due to heavy fog, the GSGA won six singles matches, halved two and lost eight, equaling a GPGA 9, GSGA 7 day-two score.

Billy Mitchell of Roswell got Team GSGA off to a good start with his win over Georgia Golf Hall of Famer Stephen Keppler of the Georgia PGA, 3 and 2. Carter Collins of Statesboro defeated professional Patrick Richardson, 4 and 3. Doug Hanzel of Savannah topped Rodger Hogan of the Georgia PGA, 3 and 2. Don Marsh of Johns Creek beat professional Danny Elkins, 5 and 3. In the most lopsided match, GSGA's Cres Dodd of Cartersville defeated Tommy Brannen of the Georgia PGA, 9 and 8. Travis Steed of Macon beat professional Greg Lee, 4 and 3.

Chris Hall of Kennesaw halved his match with professional James Mason, earning each team a half point. James Kiely of Milton also earned half a point for the GSGA as he halved his match with Charlie King of the Georgia PGA.

Chris Waters of Atlanta dropped his match to Tim Weinhart of the Georgia PGA, 4 and 3. Stan Gann, Jr., of Bonaire fell to professional Matthew Evans, 2 and 1. GSGA's Bob Royak of Alpharetta was beat by Seth McCain of the Georgia PGA, 3 and 2. Professionals Jeff Frasier and Craig Stevens both topped Team GSGA with wins over Doug Stiles of Athens (1 up) and Jack Hall of Sea Island (2 and 1), respectively. Chad Branton of Cartersville fell to professional Russ Davis, 2 and 1, and Matt Russell of Dunwoody dropped his match to professional Todd Ormsby, 2 and 1.

The Billy Peters Cup Matches, formerly known as the GSGA-GPGA Challenge Cup, changed its name in 2007 to honor Peters' contributions to the game. Peters, of Blakely, is a former president of the Georgia State Golf Association and honorary vice president of the Georgia Section PGA. He was inducted into the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame in 1993. This competition began in 1962 and was held annually until 1987 when it became a biennial event. The GSGA trails the all-time series, which is now 22 ½ - 16 1/2.

Final Results

Final Points: GPGA 17, GSGA 15

Day Two Points: GPGA 9, GSGA 7

Billy Mitchell (GSGA) def. Stephen Keppler (GPGA), 3 and 2
Tim Weinhart (GPGA) def. Chris Waters (GSGA), 4 and 3
Matthew Evans (GPGA) def. Stan Gann, Jr. (GSGA), 2 and 1
Carter Collins (GSGA) def. Patrick Richardson (GPGA), 4 and 3
Seth McCain (GPGA) def. Bob Royak (GSGA), 3 and 2
Jeff Frasier (GPGA) def. Doug Stiles (GSGA), 1 up
Craig Stevens (GPGA) def. Jack Hall (GSGA), 2 and 1
Doug Hanzel (GSGA) def. Rodger Hogan (GPGA), 3 and 2
Don Marsh (GSGA) def. Danny Elkins (GPGA), 5 and 3
Chris Hall (GSGA), James Kiely, (GPGA), All Square
James Kiely (GSGA), Charlie King (GPGA), All Square
Russ Davis (GPGA) def. Chad Branton (GSGA), 2 and 1
Cres Dodd (GSGA) def. Tommy Brannen (GPGA), 9 and 8
Todd Ormsby (GPGA) def. Matt Russell (GSGA), 2 and 1
Travis Steed (GSGA) def. Greg Lee (GPGA), 4 and 3
Shawn Koch (GPGA) def. David Noll, Jr. (GSGA), 2 and 1

Day One Points: GSGA 8, GPGA 8

Four-Ball Matches
Stephen Keppler/Matthew Evans (GPGA) def. Billy Mitchell/Bob Royak (GSGA), 4 and 3
Shawn Koch/Tim Weinhard (GPGA) def. Stan Gann, Jr./Travis Steed (GSGA), 3 and 2
James Kiely/Doug Stiles (GSGA) def. Charlie King/Todd Ormsby (GPGA), 1 up
Rodger Hogan/Craig Stevens (GPGA) def. Jack Hall/Doug Hanzel (GSGA), 2 up
James Mason/Danny Elkins (GPGA) def. Chris Hall/Don Marsh (GSGA), 1 up
Chad Branton/Cres Dodd (GSGA) def. Tommy Brannen/Russ Davis (GPGA), 5 and 3
David Noll, Jr./Chris Waters (GSGA) def. Jeff Frasier/Patrick Richardson (GPGA), 3 and 2
Greg Lee/Seth McCain (GPGA) def. Carter Collins/Matt Russell (GSGA), 3 and 2

Foursome Matches
Stan Gann, Jr./Travis Steed (GSGA) def. Stephen Keppler/Matthew Evans (GPGA), 5 and 4
Tommy Brannen/Russ Davis (GPGA) def. Billy Mitchell/Bob Royak (GSGA), 4 and 2
Shawn Koch/Tim Weinhart (GPGA) def. James Kiely/Doug Stiles (GSGA), 5 and 4
Jack Hall/Doug Hanzel (GSGA) def. Rodger Hogan/Craig Stevens (GSGA), 4 and 2
Chris Hall/Don Marsh (GSGA) def. James Mason/Danny Elkins (GPGA), 3 and 2
Charlie King/Todd Ormsby (GPGA) def. Chad Branton/Cres Dodd (GSGA), 2 up
David Noll, Jr./Chris Waters (GSGA) def. Jeff Frasier/Seth McCain (GPGA), 3 and 1
Carter Collins/Matt Russell (GSGA) def. Greg Lee/Patrick Richardson (GPGA), 2 and 1


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