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2018 GA-SC Girls’ Junior Challenge Match

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Aug 04, 2018


Cuscowilla on Lake Oconee



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With another strong performance on day two, Team Georgia was victorious over South Carolina. Georgia finished with a total of 22.5 points while South Caolina had 13.5 points. Two members on Team Georgia, Kate Owens and Jenny Bae, were also part of the winning Georgia Women's Southeastern Challenge Match team last week. The 13th annual Georgia-South Carolina Girls' Junior Challenge Match took place Saturday and Sunday, August 4-5, at Cuscowilla on Lake Oconee in Eatonton. The two-day event consisted of six singles matches per day.

Round One Results
Georgia 11.5 - South Carolina 6.5

Georgia   South Carolina Match Results Team Pts.
Tess Davenport vs Chloe Holder Davenport, 6 and 4 GA 3.0; SC 0.0
Carol Pyon vs Mary Kathryn Talledo Pyon, 3 and 2 GA 2.0; SC 1.0
Sara Im vs Sophia Burnett Im, 2 and 1 GA 3.0; SC  0.0
Ahra Ko vs Isabella Rawl Rawl, 2 and 1 GA 0.5; SC 2.5
Jenny Bae vs Savannah Hylton Bae, 3 and 1 GA 3.0; SC 0.0
Kate Owens vs Rachel Rich Rich, 3 and 2 GA 0.0; SC 3.0

Round Two Results
Georgia 11 - South Carolina 7

Georgia   South Carolina Match Result Team Pts.
Carol Pyon vs Chloe Holder Holder, 4 and 3 GA 0.0; SC 3.0
Tess Davenport vs Mary Kathryn Talledo Davenport, 3 and 2 GA 2.5; SC 0.5
Ahra Ko vs Sophia Burnett Ko, 3 and 1 GA 2.5; SC 0.5
Sara Im vs Isabella Rawl Rawl, 1 up GA 1.0; SC 2.0
Kate Owens vs Savannah Hylton Owens, 5 and 4 GA 2.0; SC 1.0
Jenny Bae vs Rachel Rich Bae, 7 and 6 GA 3.0; SC 0.0

Teams were composed of the top six eligible finishers from each state's 2018 Girls' Championship. Any necessary player substitutions follow the order of finish as well. Golfers were eligible for the Georgia Girls' Championship if they were between the ages of nine and 18 at the time of the Championship (June 18-20) and GSGA members.

Event History
This year marks the 13th Georgia-South Carolina Girls' Junior Challenge Match, alternating between sites in Georgia and South Carolina each year. Georgia now leads the series, 10-3 overall.


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