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2007 Billy Peters Cup Matches

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Oct 21, 2007





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Georgia Amateurs Run Away with Third Consecutive Cup

WOODSTOCK, Ga. – The Georgia State Golf Association Amateurs won 10 of 16 singles matches, and finished two all square, to capture its third straight victory over the Georgia PGA professionals at the biennial Billy Peters Cup Matches, which was held at Capital City Club – Crabapple, October 21-22. The team of the state's top 16 amateurs started the second day of competition with a 5 1/2 – 2 1/2 point advantage and won their event 16 1/2 – 7 1/2. The winners retain possession of the Billy Peters Cup Trophy until the next competition in 2009.

The amateurs began the final day by winning five of their first six matches. Two quick victories came from Dalton's David Noll Jr., who defeated Jeff Hull, 4 and 3, and Rocky Costa of Alpharetta, as he ousted John Nigh, 6 and 5. The professionals answered with a point from Greg Lee who won over Atlanta's Robert Sheats, 3 and 2. However, Atlanta's Bill Blalock, a member of Capital City Club, closed out Bill Johnstone, 5 and 4. Bob Royak of Alpharetta and Cumming's Matt Robins each had matches that went 18 holes but both were able to capture wins by a score of 2 up.

The reigning Georgia Public Links Champion, Brent Sizemore of Calhoun, fell in his match with Craig Stevens, 2 and 1, but the GSGA's senior players secured things for the amateurs. Savannah's Doug Hanzel defeated Chuck Knebels, 3 and 1 and Bill Leonard of Kennesaw defeated Wendell Coffee, 2 and 1. The senior amateurs won both four-ball matches on Sunday and all four of their matches on Monday – winning all six of their possible points in the Billy Peters Cup Matches.

Others able to tally points for the GSGA amateur team included Marietta's Chris Hall, who defeated Danny Elkins, 3 and 1. Adam Thomas of Baxley topped Winston Trively, 4 and 3, and Jeff Belk came from a four-down deficit through 11 holes to defeat Brian Dixon by a score of 1up. Billy Mitchell of Atlanta and Mark Strickland of Woodstock, both down one heading to 18, were able to win the final hole and salvage a half point each for the amateurs.

The GSGA squad won five of the eight matches and halved another during the opening round's four-ball matches to build their 5 1/2 – 2 1/2 lead after the first day of play. The Billy Peters Cup Matches, which began in 1962, was switched to a biennial competition in 1987. The Georgia PGA holds a 19 1/2 to 15 1/2 edge in the all-time competition. The event, formerly known as the GSGA-GPGA Challenge Cup, had its name changed this year to honor Peters' contributions to the game. Peters, a former president of the Georgia State Golf Association and honorary vice president of the Georgia Section PGA, was inducted into the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame in 1993

Final Results
Total Points: GSGA 16 1/2, GPGA 7 1/2

Day Two Results: GSGA 11, GPGA 5
Bob Royak (GSGA) def. Tim Weinhart (GSGA), 2 up
David Noll Jr. (GSGA) def. Jeff Hull (GPGA), 4 and 3
Matt Robbins (GSGA) def. Stephen Keppler (GPGA), 2 up
Shawn Koch (GPGA) def. Bill Brown (GSGA), 2 and 1
Greg Lee (GPGA) def. Robert Sheats (GSGA), 3 and 2
Craig Stevens (GPGA) def. Brent Sizemore (GSGA), 2 and 1
Rocky Costa (GSGA) def. John Nigh (GPGA), 6 and 5
Doug Hanzel (GSGA) def. Chuck Knebels (GPGA), 3 and 1
Bill Blalock (GSGA) def. Bill Johnstone (GPGA), 5 and 4
Bill Leonard (GSGA) def. Wendell Coffee (GPGA), 2 and 1
Billy Mitchell (GSGA) halved with Matt Peterson (GPGA)
Chris Hall (GSGA) def. Danny Elkins (GPGA), 3 and 1
Adam Thomas (GSGA) def. Winston Trively (GPGA), 4 and 3
Jeff Belk (GSGA) def. Brian Dixon (GPGA), 1 up
Chan Reeves (GPGA) def. Greg Bradford (GSGA), 3 and 2
Mark Strickland (GSGA) halved with Clark Spratlin (GPGA)

Day One Points: GSGA 5 1/2, GPGA 2 1/2
Chan Reeves/Stephen Keppler (GPGA) def. Matt Robbins/Adam Thomas (GSGA), 2 and 1
Mark Strickland/Greg Bradford (GSGA) halved with Matt Peterson/Greg Lee (GPGA)
Bob Royak/Robert Sheats (GSGA) def. Craig Stephens/Clark Spratlin (GPGA), 3 and 2
Doug Hanzel/Rocky Costa (GSGA) def. John Nigh/Chuck Knebels (GPGA), 4 and 3
Bill Leonard/Bill Blalock (GSGA) def. Wendell Coffee/Bill Johnstone (GPGA), 1 up
Tim Weinhart/Brian Dixon (GPGA) def. Brent Sizemore/Billy Mitchell (GSGA), 2 and 1
Bill Brown/Chris Hall (GSGA) def. Winston Trively/Jeff Hull (GPGA), 3 and 1
David Noll Jr./Jeff Belk (GSGA) def. Shawn Koch/Danny Elkins (GPGA), 2 and 1


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