Endowed Scholarships

The GSGA Foundation offers the opportunity to permanently endow a Yates or Moncrief Scholarship at a minimum contribution of $50,000. A donor(s) may elect to make a donation at one time or spread the donation over a period of two to five years, if preferred. 

The permanently endowed scholarship provides the earnings for the award to be made annually, resulting in the continuous recognition of the honoree. A unique characteristic of the GSGAF Endowed Scholarship Program is that it permanently links the honoree with golf, youth and education.

The donation(s) to fund a scholarship and any additional contributions to it are tax deductible. All scholarships are announced to the media, GSGA Member Clubs and at the GSGA Foundation Scholars Luncheon each year.

Please contact GSGA Foundation director Kim Crisp for additional information at or 678-324-5962.