Junior Sectional Program FAQs

Do I have to be a member of the GSGA to play in the Junior Sectional Program?
No. The GSGA does encourage junior golfers to become a member and establish a GHIN Handicap, but it is not required.

What is the cost to play in the events?
The pre-registration entry fee is $15 per event. On-site registration fee is $20.

Do I have to register in advance?
No. Juniors may show up the morning of the event and complete the registration form. Juniors do have the option to register online and complete the form in advance. This will speed up their registration process.

Can I compete in any section?
No. Juniors are required to compete in the section they reside.

How do I know what time to arrive the morning of the event?
Juniors can click on their section name and view the complete schedule and registration times for their age division.

If I have a birthday in the summer, will I have to change age divisions?
No. The age division in which juniors compete is determined by their age as of the first Junior Sectional event of the summer. The junior’s age as of that date will be the division in which they will play the entire summer.

Once I have registered the morning of the event, how long will I have before my starting time?
Each section will be a little different, but typically you will have 30-60 minutes (from your registration time listed) before your starting time.

What scores can I expect in my age division? What scores will I need to earn enough points to qualify for the Sectional Challenge Match?
The juniors in each age division will range from beginner level to advanced. There is a place for everyone in the sectional program.

Also, during the one-day events, juniors are allowed to use the double par rule. Once the player has reached a score double the par for that hole they can pick up and write that score down for the hole.  The double par rule is not in use at the Junior Sectional Challenge Match.

What yardage will I play from at the events?
The yardage will vary from golf course to golf course. The Boys' and Girls' 11-&-Under and Girls' 12-13 typically play the forward tees. Yardage for the remaining divisions are determined on-site by the Junior Sectional Chairman.

How do I get directions to the club for each of the events?
Click here for the GSGA Member Club Directory. This will provide you with directions and contact information for each club.

Do you accept credit cards, cash and checks to pay for the registration fee the day of the event?
Juniors may pay the $20 registration fee with cash or check on the day of the event.  No credit cards are accepted on site.

What are the age divisions?
Boys' 16-17, Boys' 14-15, Boys' 12-13, Boys' 11-&-Under, Girls' 14-17, Girls' 12-13 and Girls' 11-&-Under. All divisions play 18 holes, except Boys' 11-&-Under, Girls' 12-13 and Girls' 11-&-Under, which play 9 holes.

What age divisions are permitted to have a caddie?
Only the age divisions that play 9 holes are permitted to have a caddie. Those divisions are Boys' 11-&-Under, Girls' 12-13 and Girls' 11-&-Under.

Are there any restrictions on who is allowed to caddie for the player?
No. The players may have anyone they wish to caddie during the event. It can be a parent, friend, brother/sister, etc.

Can the caddie rent a golf cart to transport the clubs?
Yes, or they may walk with the player and carry the bag. The caddies are being allowed to help our youngest players learn course management, etiquette and the rules of the game.   

Are there awards given to top finishers in each age division?
The top 5 finishers in each boys' division and the top 3 finishers in each girls' division will receive medals.

How many players qualify for the Challenge Match?
The top four players from each of the boys' divisions and top three from the Girls' 14-17 division will be invited. The top two from Girls' 12-13 and Girls' 11-&-under divisions will also receive invitations.

Are spectator carts allowed at the one-day events and the Junior Sectional Challenge Match?
Spectator carts will be allowed at both the one-day events and the Challenge Match. The spectator must check in at the golf shop and pay a cart rental fee.

Are distance measuring devices allowed at the Junior Sectional events?
Yes (distance only, no other function even if turned off).