Volunteer Policies

The Georgia State Golf Association has a code of conduct and decor that should be followed during times a volunteer is participating in an activity which represents the Association.

Apparel and Uniform
The GSGA's volunteers are authorized to wear GSGA apparel. It is available for purchase only through the GSGA office. The purpose of the apparel is to identify volunteers while they are acting on behalf of the Association.

In order that a consistent appearance is maintained when representing the GSGA, the uniform colors will be white shirt, navy sweater or wind shirt, and tan or khaki trousers. Women may wear tan or khaki skirts or Bermuda shorts as appropriate. Shorts may be worn by course raters at the discretion of the rating captain for the day.

The suggested dress uniform for the Annual Meeting and similar types of business meetings is specified in a memorandum from the GSGA office. Business casual dress is standard for committee meetings which are held at the GSGA headquarters. GSGA volunteer apparel may be worn at other times, so long as discretion is used.

Expenses and Contributions
Volunteers are not compensated for their time spent on behalf of the GSGA.  The Association pays for or reimburses for expenses for overnight accommodations as appropriate.  Volunteers are also reimbursed for miles driven to GSGA-assigned activities such as course ratings, competitions and committee meetings at the current IRS rate for miles driven for charitable purposes. Any other expenses for which the volunteer pays are not deductible for federal or state income tax purposes.

The GSGA was granted 501(c)(3) status in 2009, so contributions in kind or in cash to the GSGA are deductible for federal or state income tax purposes.  Contributions to the Georgia State Golf Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation, are also deductible.  Gift letters are sent from the respective organizations acknowledging the deductible portion of the gift.

Media Representation
GSGA volunteers should not represent themselves as spokespersons for the Association to any media when making any personal comments or observations. Please contact the Executive Director if you expect to interact with media representatives for any guidance and information on Association matters. All media announcements regarding the GSGA will be made from the GSGA office.

Committee and Service Procedures
Sign-up Procedures: Volunteers may sign up for GSGA committee and service activities annually. Selection for specific activities are determined through committee and staff consultation.

Communication: Communication regarding a volunteer's particular activity will come from the chairman or the staff member in charge of administration of that activity. Normally, this will include items such as meeting or event notices, minutes, reports and the like.

Location of Activities: Committee meetings are generally held at the GSGA headquarters in Marietta. Committee members will be notified if a meeting is held elsewhere. The locations of competitions and course ratings will be communicated to the assigned volunteers.

Education and Training: The various departments will communicate the available training opportunities to GSGA volunteers. Some of these activities include the Annual Meeting and Players of the Year luncheon, rules of golf seminars, handicap seminars, course rating seminars (for invited raters), Club Officers’ Day, Board of Directors’ retreat, and others as appropriate.

Orientation sessions for new volunteers are held as needed to provide information on volunteer activities and the Association in general.

Personal Representation
Service at Non-GSGA Activities: Volunteers serve as individual representatives of the GSGA while performing committee or service duties on its behalf. Volunteers should feel free to accept invitations to serve as officials at non-GSGA activities provided they do so as individuals and not as representatives of the GSGA.

Gambling: Volunteers are expected to observe the USGA's policies on gambling.

Alcoholic Beverages: Volunteers may not partake of alcoholic beverages when performing a service as a representative of the GSGA.