The Bill Todd Award

The Bill Todd Award honors a volunteer who maintains the highest standard of service and stewardship to the GSGA. The presentation of this award honors the memory of one of the GSGA’s most valued volunteers (right) who spent more than 20 years serving the Association. Todd served as GSGA’s president in 1995 and gave of his time in many ways before his passing in 2001.

Originally known as the President's Service Award, it was renamed in 2002. It was then deemed that all former winners of the President's Service Award would also be known as Bill Todd Award winners. A winner may be chosen annually, but not necessarily every year, by a committee that includes all past recipients and volunteers from each area of GSGA service.

Bill Todd Award Winners (l-r): Gene McClure (2000), Bill Blalock (2012), Sissi Gann (2013), Bob Flynn (2009), Ed Barnes (2015), Nancy Henning (2002), Wendell Couch (2010), Richard Wilson (2007), Paul Murphy (2014), Pete Cox (2011).

Bill Todd Award History
1993 - Billy Peters, Blakely
1996 - Col. F. "Ike" Fenton, Peachtree City*
1998 - Bill Todd, Marietta*
2000 - Gene McClure, Atlanta
2002 - Nancy Henning, Roswell
2003 - Roger Cordes, Decatur*
2004 - Adrian C. McManus Jr., Athens*
2005 - Bob Henning, Roswell*
2006 - Richard R. (Dick) Franklin, Dunwoody*
2007 - W. Richard Wilson, Columbus
2008 - G. Alan Katz, Marietta
2009 - Bob Flynn, Kennesaw
2010 - Wendell Couch, Greensboro
2011 - Pete Cox, Cobb
2012 - Bill Blalock, Atlanta
2013 - Sissi Gann, Kathleen 
2015 - Paul Murphy, Fayetteville*
2016 - Ed Barnes, Peachtree City 
2017 - Ray Haas, Big Canoe 

* - deceased