About GSGA Handicapping

Join 75,000 GSGA members in Georgia and 1,400,000 nationally using the USGA's GHIN Handicap System.

GHIN is the largest handicapping service with over 12,700 golf clubs and 73 regional golf associations using the system. Your GSGA Membership Card (left) includes your USGA Handicap Index and a record of your last 20 scores. When you maintain a USGA Handicap Index at a GSGA Member Club, you will enjoy the game more because you can compete on an equal level with anyone.

Handicap revisions are published twice a month (on the 1st and 15th) year round.  The GSGA/GHIN software package includes handicap computation, tournament pairing program, Course Rating/Slope Database and Stroke Hole Allocation Service.

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